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New demo, just a snippet again since that’s all I have time for. This is my A minor. Sorry I’m so behind. 

Try listening on headphones. I didn’t mix it much but what I did was on headphones. Also there is a bit of a latency issue.

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Been working on this and having some problems but I’m also eager to move on. I guess I have to remember these are just demos.

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Resubmitting my first song submission. I hope to have resolved the volume issues. Originally submitted 8/5/2013.

There now seems to be some clipping, but hopefully its better than before

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New Song I’m working on.  Just recorded it so I don’t forget:

Lyrics thus far:

Tuesdays I dream of you

up I rise to the day

A kiss a taste and my mind disintegrates

oh I don’t know why I do it

Who were you when I met you…


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Here is song 3.  Its not complete but I want to try and catch up before finishing them

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Sorry been sitting on this since week 2.  Finally Got it up. will try to slowly catch up. Its a rough version but at least it was on real recording equipment

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Testing to see if it will go to the top

Ok First song for our group.  


I let the angels talk to me

they appear in glass

reflecting the world as a flash

that’s slowing down

unfolding at site

and blurring the lines between myself

and myself

I let the dreams sing to me,

they cry out loud turning dust into clouds

that flows back down

that fills me up 

and empties light

into light that shines back down